The Greasy Gamer Sponsorship program is for streamers who are looking to grow their audience and gain access to increased promotional tools such as:

•Boosted Streams on,
•Shoutouts on GG social media,
•Auto going live post from our Twitter,
•Verified status on
•Merch provided by GreasyGamer.
We are dedicated to helping our sponsored streamers achieve their goals and get a leg up on the competition.


As a Sponsored Streamer, your job will be to follow the terms below (to the best of your ability):

1. The sponsored streamer will show the GG logo in their stream overlay.
2. The sponsored streamer will update their social media bios to say “Sponsored by”
3. A 60-Second ad break per stream explaining and how the streamer uses it.
4. The sponsored streamer will post to frequently to promote usage.
5. The sponsored streamer must wear GG merch(provided) AT LEAST 2 streams per week.(if the GG logo is added to custom merch, that is acceptable)
6. The sponsored streamer must use #greasygamer in Social Media posts.
7. Streamers sponsored by must adhere to Terms of Service and represent the brand in a professional manner.

To be CONSIDERED for this program, the streamer must meet the following criteria:

1. Must have minimum 500 followers/subscribers on your chosen streaming platform

2. At least one social media account with a minimum of 1,000 followers

3. Stream consistently (a minimum of 10 hours per week)

4. Must be active on (minimum of 10 Posts Per Week)

Submitting application DOES NOT mean acceptance.

If we would like to sponsor you, we will message you. No rejection letters will be sent out.